“Damn the Torpedoes…”

by Scott Hansen

I am not an editorial writer. My duties here at the Suburban keep me busy enough that adding editorials to that list is not an option. This week, however, I feel compelled to write, and Becky has graciously allowed me to do so.
I first met Ann Hubener three years ago. My wife was out of town and we needed a fourth for our weekend spades game. I liked Ann from the moment we started talking. She was personable, with a keen mind and a sharp wit. I enjoyed her company for the few weeks we played.
Then, when I lost one of my main contracts in my small game business, I learned that Ann also had a heart of gold. She brought me on at the newspaper, knowing from our conversations that I had experience in the field. This is where I learned just how deep her commitment to helping people went.
I remember many times where someone would call or come into the office needing help with a problem, and she would dive right in, never relenting until solutions were found. She fought tirelessly to do what she felt was right for not only her family and friends, but for the community as a whole.
Ann was a fighter, a go-getter that inspired almost everyone that came in contact with her. Whether you loved her or not, it was certain you weren’t going to ignore her. Every day she was in the office, you could hear her on the phone, accomplishing what needed to be done. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
Now, as I sit in these offices writing this piece, the silence is almost deafening. It doesn’t seem quite right without her voice echoing in the room, or her smile that brightened my day many a time. My heart aches in her absence; I will miss you Ann, but I will never, ever forget you.