Dallas’ First WALKER STALKER CON was Literally ‘To Die For’

IMGP2593by Scott Hansen

DALLAS, TX – If you’re a Walking Dead fan, and you missed this past weekend’s WalkerStakerCon at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, you missed out on one fantastic show. This was the first time the zombie-centric convention came to Dallas, and it was well worth the wait.
The number of cast members from AMC’s number one hit series were plentiful, and eager to connect with their fans. Celebrities held Q&A panels, signed autographs and took plenty of selfies with attendees.
Scores of vendors offered a variety of collectibles, t-shirts, jewelry – whatever a zombie lover could wish for. I hope to see this con return to Dallas and grow as more people learn about it.
There were several booths at the show that especially peaked my interest.
First, there is a movie that will be filmed here in Dallas that is gaining notoriety; Monochrone. Set in a world without color (i.e black and white), several people start to show color. Labelled ‘Hues’ by the monochrome populace, they are shunned and even hunted. The trailer for the movie is dark and moody, and captured my interest immediately. There will be a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign later in the year. For more information visit http://movie.monochromeworld.com
The second booth was owned by Louis Kelly of Instagraph Digital Printing. I found this an exciting alternative to the more expensive Photo-Ops offered at the show. While Photo-Ops are fantastic and are very high quality, the cost is very prohibitive for those of us with tighter budgets. Instagraph will print quality prints of your own pics and selfies in a nice variety of sizes, which you can then get autographed by the celebrities. I hope to see Louis and the crew at the upcoming Dallas Comic Con in May! For more information, visit http://www.instagraphdp.com.