Dallas Comic Con Weekend is Here

exhibitorsby Scott Hansen

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Yes, fellow comic book fans, this weekend is Comic Con! Fan Expo Dallas has evolved into a spectacular Multi Media Pop Culture Event with prestigious acclaim. The Dallas convention continues to receive International attention bringing fans from all corners of the world to attend the ultimate annual event.
Celebrity guests include Adam West and Burt Ward, Batman and Robin from the TV cult classic from the 1960s.
Comic legend Stan Lee will be there signing autographs and making himself available for Photo Ops.
Matt Smith, Billie Piper and Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame will time travel to Dallas to bring tales of adventure to fans of all ages.
Actors from Firefly, Star Wars, S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Files, Gotham and Star Trek will all be appearing this weekend.
My the actors I look forward to meeting are the actors from the Godzilla movies. These are the men who are actually inside the monster suits, and bring the creatures to life.
When I was younger, I did not even think about those men, but I did some research and learned that these actors had to endure hardships and conditions that most other actors couldn’t even imagine. Not only did these men have to be in peak physical condition to operate the very heavy costumes, they had make the suits come alive, using exaggerated movements and gestures.
Celebrities are not the only thing at the show, there will be vendors galore, making available everything a geek could want. I find it fun to browse the old toys, and remember the ones I had as a child. It brings back so many fun memories.
Finally, I am eager to see all the wonderfully creative costumes that will without a doubt be there. The costumes have become a central event at the shows, and there are even some who do it professionally. Whether you are a professional or just making your first, the thing to remember is to have fun, and remember to network with others who share the passion.
Our own Duncanville Bookstore will be celebrating Comic Con by having an event at the store. Comic Book Artist Neal Adams will be at the shop on May 27th with prints you can have autographed. I have an Adams print in my office, which I enjoyed looking at every day! See you there!