Council to Vote on Tax Increase

Council2_ONLINEDUNCANVILLE, TX – The Duncanville City Council will be voting to raise property taxes this Thursday at a Special Meeting to .758447. It is essentially a 2 cent hike. The vote is expected to pass due to District 3 Stan Smith’s indication that he will be reversing his vote to support the increase. Smith owns no property in Duncanvillle.
In response to some in the public hearing pleading for no tax increase, Councilman Boyd of Dist. 1 opined that he was “very sensitive to those on fixed income.” But “government is not the one that dictates people’s paths in life.” He stated that it’s not the government that chooses to go to college or not go to college or what profession someone chooses. “Government should not equalize our lives.”
Mayor Hodge, Councilmembers Jones and Jameson remain resolute in being able to balance the budget with no tax increases.
Included in the budget is a one-time bonus payout to city employees that total $300,000. Council-at-Large Member Patrick Harvey justified the expenditure by saying the following: “Concept is in the private sector when a business does better than anticipated there are times in which they share with their employees. The fact is that they exceeded expectations. It’s a bonus. ”
Many from the Greene HOA were in attendance complaining about the increase in crime citing massive vandalism and 10 stolen cars this summer.