Costly Bike Trail Feared a Potential Hazard

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Recently at a city council meeting residents that live along Hill City Drive and the connecting streets, were advised that a bike trail has been proposed. The Duncanville City Council named it a “Demonstration Plan”. They meant that it is the first proposed bike trail in Duncanville.
Bart Stevenson, the Parks and Recreation Supervisor, gave a demonstration at the “Briefing Session” prior to the City Council Meeting on February 3, 2015. His Power Point presentation stated that the bike trail would provide a link between two neighborhood parks, Lakeside Park and Red Bird Park and the utilization of an oversized street which is Hill City Drive. The design is supposed to minimize stress to the cyclists. The city apparently is not concerned about the stress the motorists will have trying to get out of their driveways and on to the street while they avoid hitting a biker.
The plan calls for the bike trail to go south from Red Bird Park on Hill City Drive at Red Bird Lane to Lakeside Park crossing over Camp Wisdom Road. There will be only one lane for cars going south and one lane for cars going north. The motorist lane will be 18 feet wide and the cyclist’s lane will be 12 feet wide. Going north on Hill City Drive, the cyclist lane will be 12 feet wide and the motorist lane will be 18 feet wide until you reach Dula Circle where it will then narrow. It will reduce the cyclist lane to 8 feet wide and the motorist lane to 12 feet wide. It will then widen again as you head north. Many citizens are concerned that many injuries may occur at this section of the road. The citizens believe in some respects that it is a hazardous plan.
As stated before the plan is to eliminate one current motorist lane on the north bound side and one motorist lane on the south bound side of Hill City Drive in order to create the bike lane. The estimated cost is: Installation of the bike trail markers – $18,000; maintenance every 10 years on 29 signs that will be installed along Hill City indicating a bike trail – $3,300; and maintenance on 8 lane markings every 5 years – $7,000.
During the meeting it was mentioned that there would be an open public meeting to get input from the residents along Hill City Drive. At the time of publication, the paper is not aware of any public hearings on this proposal. One must question an expenditure of this magnitude that would inconvenience many homeowners, neighborhoods, and the traffic flow versus the benefit of very few bicyclists. A possible option would be to build the bike trails within the parks. District 5 and District 2 will be affected by this bike proposal.
If you would like to have an opportunity to voice your concern, please attend the Council Meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at 7:00 p.m.
Please feel free to fill out a card and you will be given an opportunity to speak at the Citizens Comment Period.