Controversy Clouds Mayor Pro Tem Election

Cooks_ONLINE DUNCANVILLE, TX – Mark Cooks of District 4 was elected Mayor Pro Tem amidst accusations of being unqualified.

Councilwoman Jameson pointed out that the qualifications for Mayor Pro Tem in the City Council Rules of Procedure require a council member to have served a minimum of one year to be eligible.

Councilmember Jones was sworn in on May 17 and Councilmember Cooks was sworn in on June 28. Councilmembers may not serve consecutive terms as Mayor Pro Tem disqualifying Councilmember Jameson, who was serving as Mayor Pro Tem. Councilmember Jones removed his name from nomination in order to foster “teamwork.”
Councilmember Jameson implied that she, the Mayor, and the city attorney witnessed a possible violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act* when Councilmember Boyd admittedly stated just before the Council Meeting that if Councilmember Cooks was not allowed to be nominated, “we” are prepared to postpone the vote to the July meeting.
Councilmember Cooks is a 6 year Duncanville resident, 1979 Dallas Business Management High School graduate, and Wells Fargo Senior Vice President District Manager.
*The Texas Open Meetings Act honors the principle that government at all levels should operate in a way that is open and accessible to the people. Texas courts have upheld the statutory duty of public officials to conduct open meetings, except in certain limited circumstances, and have affirmed that ignorance of the law does not shield anyone from compliance with the law.