Confidence in this City Manager’s Administration a Concern

DUNCANVILLE, TX – The contract for Duncanville City Council legal services was a point of discussion at the recent Duncanville City Council meeting because it was materially altered from the agreements reached in previous discussions. According to the City Charter an attorney is hired by the city council to represent them in their duties as a council. The most recent version missed the point which caused some on the city council concern.
A clause in the contract that was first presented to the council provided the mayor was to receive any legal notices. This clause had been removed from the “new” contract.
The signature line for the mayor to approve the contract was deleted and replaced with a signature line for the City Manager. Interim City Manager Greg Contreras and City Attorney Bob Hager signed the altered contract. According to the City Charter, the city manager is not a party to the contract with the city attorney.
When this was discovered, the City Council voted on November 5th Council Meeting to restore the contract as previously approved on the September 17th meeting. Questions remain as to who authorized the changes and if any other items have been altered.