Comics, Costumes and Camaraderie, Oh My!

2016fd_redby Scott Hansen

IRVING, TX – Where were you this past weekend? If you weren’t at Dallas Fan Days, then you missed out on a fantastic time. There is no other experience that compares to walking the convention halls, a mug of Wild Bill’s Sarsaparilla in hand, surrounded by comics, costumes and endless camaraderie.

One of the things that always touches me is number of parents and children who embrace the spirit of the convention. Fan Days is one of the few places that a child can let their imaginations soar, and adults can let down their hair and soar with them. I love to see a child playing at being Superman, Batman or Spider-Man… It brings me back to my childhood and lets me relive those times vicariously through them. It refreshes me, gives me the energy to face life’s tougher times. Fan Days are downright magical that way.

I also love to see the creativity that the convention inspires. As I wandered around, I saw many Wonder Woman costumes. The upcoming movie has fans excited, and all the costumes I saw were really good. One thing that struck me was the diversity of the costumes. None were exactly the same. Some were close to the classic Wonder Woman, but there were some very interesting twists, my favorite being a 1950s interpretation of the costume. The most interesting costumes were worn by two young men, each in classic strongman outfits and sporting big handlebar mustaches; they were Vaudevillians. Very creative.

The next promises to be something special. Traditionally, there would be a show in February, and one in May. This coming spring, however, will see a combination of the two into one super show. It will run from March 31 to April 2, 2017. The guest list is promising to be the biggest Dallas has ever seen with more exhibitors and interactive displays. I’m excited already!

I know what you’re thinking, next spring is still far off. No need to fear! You can get a taste of some cool Halloween comic fun right here in Duncanville. The Duncanville Book Store will be one of the many sites across the country that will be hosting Halloween ComicFest. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce family and friends to the coolness of comics. Each location will be giving away Halloween themed comics specially created for this event. I have my eye on a few myself. If you get a few converts, then they will have plenty of time to get their Fan Expo costumes ready.

As I was standing in line to get my free refill of sarsaparilla, I had a chat with a father and his three children. I asked them if this was their first convention and the youngest, about 6 years old, looked up at me with a dead serious look and said, “Nah, we’ve been to a million of them!” Me, too, kid. Me, too. Here’s to a million more!

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Did you know that you can bring your comics to the show and have the artists sign them? Ask them about their work, and you’ll enjoy a very interesting conversation! Here, legendary artist Sam De La Rosa holds a couple of comics signed for a very enthusiastic fan.