City Council Wipes DCEDC Board

IMGP0212 reducedDUNCANVILLE, TX – Citing lack of qualification by the current members, the new ‘Fab Four’, Duncanville City Council’s newest voting bloc, voted to clear the Duncanville Community Economic Development Corporation and replace the board

with themselves: Cliff Boyd (former mayor and founder/CEO small business), Patrick Harvey (Director of Finance of Seagoville), Mark Cooks (high school graduate and Wells Fargo Senior Vice President District Manager) and Stan Smith (SMU graduate and maintenance man).
Many believe that a local PAC controls the votes of the Fab Four, pushing their agenda from behind the scenes.
Prior to being voted off, the members had recently directed the DCEDC attorney to preserve the lawsuit against MARA, Inc. Having notified the DCEDC of looming deadlines, their attorney asked for direction, specifically whether or not to pursue the law suit. Citing the obligation to preserve the Corporations legal options the now former members voted to not miss filing deadlines and to prepare the expert witnesses in event of a trial.
Councilman Boyd and Mayor Pro Tem Cooks are purportedly in settlement negotiations with Monte Anderson of MARA, Inc.
Voted off were Mayor Hodge (small business owner), Councilman Jones (MVC Dean of Science, Nursing, Arts/Humanities &P.E), Homer Fincannon (entrepreneur and small business owner with over 50 years of experience), Ken Embry (small business financial coach), Linda Stern (certified paralegal, contract administrator for multi-million dollar contracts and an export supervisor of international shipment with a Bachelor of Business, minor in accounting), retired Dallas County Assistant Chief Deputy Don Freeman; and attorney Leslie Thomas.
The DCEDC filed suit against MARA, Inc. owned and operated by Monte Anderson who is a beneficiary of an illegal contract. The contract is prohibited by Texas Law. They are seeking a declaratory judgment that their Main Station Partnership Agreement is void ab initio (from the beginning). The DCEDC cites Section 501.160 of the Texas Local Government Code which prohibits an economic development corporation from owning or operating a project “as a business other than a lessor, seller, or lender.” Undisputedly, the DCEDC is not “a lessor, seller, or lender” of Main Station. Or in the alternative, this tax payer funded corporation seeks a judgment that the contract was materially breached by MARA, Inc. and is asking for control of Main Station and the Main Station assets or the return of DCEDC’s investment.
DCEDC invested $940,093 of public tax dollars to the Partnership. They received 32% interest in Main Station. Monte and Rosa Anderson received 67% provided they secure a $2 million construction loan (which they used Main Station as collateral). MARA, Inc., the managing partner, received 1% for only a nominal one dollar ($1) investment. No record of the $1 being paid can be found.