City Council Questioned About Spraying

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville City Council met Tuesday, August 6th for their regular bi-weekly session. In place was the newly upgraded audio system, which was installed after complaints of poor sound quality from those that view the City Council meetings on television. Feedback concerning the quality of the new system would be greatly appreciated.  Contact the city offices at 972-780-5017.
The dispositions of the following agenda items were not complete at the time of press:  Wintergreen Road Petition, Redflex Scofflaw Program, Mosquito Borne Virus Policy, Repealing then adopting new City Council Rules.
The City Council will review the current Mosquito Borne Virus Policy.  During the comment session citizens complained of the known carcinogen being sprayed killing pet cats, rabbits, birds, and a entire bee hive.  Another citizen complained that the spraying had contaminated her families organic garden.
In an attempt to thwart the 2/3 super majority rule requirement for changing the City Council Rules,  Councilmember Boyd placed on the agenda the repeal of the current Rules of Procedure and the adoption Rules of Procedures he provided.  During the citizen comment session it was warned that ‘the unfair rules one loves when one is in the majority, one will hate when one is in the minority.’  The citizen also reminded the city council of an upcoming election in May.
When asked about the process for the Wintergreen Road Petition after it was turned in to the City Secretary, Interim City Manager Contreras said that the Council can repeal their original vote, call an election to put the issue to vote by the Duncanville citizens, or challenge the signatures and the petition.
Redflex, the owner of the Duncanville red light Camera system, is offering to collect outstanding violation fines for a percentage of the collection.  Texas state law, upon approval of the concerned city, allows for the refusal of car registration until the overdue fine is paid.