City Council Contracts With Dallas County for Mosquito Spraying

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville City Council has contracted with Dallas County to apply ground spraying of larvacide and adulticide in infected zones upon a written request of City.
Duncanville is divided into four zones with a trap in each zone. The traps are located on Thrush, Highgate, Greenstone Ct. and Jewel.
Should an infected mosquito be detected Dallas County policy is to give an 8 hour notice before spraying a 2 mile radius of the trap.
Ultra Low Volume technique is used to deliver 0.007 pounds of active ingredient per acre. This is equivalent to 1.5 oz sprayed over an area the size of a football field. The cost to the city is $185/hour.
City will also have the option to be included in any aerial spraying and will be charged per acre. The dollar amount is not specified in the contract.
Property owners that do not want their property sprayed may register as a no spray zone by calling 214-819-2115.