City Attorney Provides Flawed Hotel/Motel Tax Contract

Contract Riddled with Typos and Clauses Not in the City’s Interest

contract reducedDUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville City Council approved four Hotel/Motel Tax grants. Hotel/Motel Tax is collected when visitors to Duncanville stay in the local lodgings. These funds can be used to promote historical parks and societies, the arts, and tourism with the goal to encourage more visitors to stay in the local hotels or motels.
The Duncanville Lions Club received $20,000 to reimburse payments for hotel rooms for select teams during the Sandra Meadows Tournament held in December each year. The Duncanville Community Theater received $12,000 for operations. The International Museum of Culture received $10,000 earmarked for the promotion of the arts and $15,000 for tourism activity, and Hopkins Senior Center received $10,500 for sound equipment.
The City Council spent half an hour correcting the contracts that were provided by City Attorney Bob Hager. The contracts did not reflect the approved applications, were riddled with typos, and contained clauses that were not in the interest of the City.
Councilman Stan Smith led off by pointing out obvious typos. At one point, Councilman Mark Cooks exclaimed, “Who wrote these?!” Corrections included restoring language that allowed the city to recapture money if the terms of the contract are not met and requiring granted money to be spent only according to the application approved by the Council.
This City Council narrowly voted to bring back Bob Hager and his firm, Nichols, Jackson, Dillard, Hager, & Smith, LLP. Their contract had been non-renewed two years ago due to costly legal issues.