City Attorney at Center of Investigation


DUNCANVILLE, TX – On March 10, 2014, WFAA (Channel 8) in Dallas broke a news story concerning the Texas Rangers investigating allegations of embezzlement at Seagoville City Hall.
Until March 10, 2014 the audit was kept quiet even though it had been issued on October 31, 2013.  The audit alleges approximately 52 improper transactions, totaling nearly $70,000 over three years.  Several items on the audit report were redacted.  Attorney Bob Hager, Managing partner of Nichols, Jackson, Dillard, Hager and Smith admitted on the news report that he was responsible for the redaction.  During the Interview with Bret Shipp, Bob Hager is seen stating he redacted the information because the city manager requested him to do so.  At this time it  is reported  the money has not been repaid.  Also in question, is a drafted press release quoting the city mayor.  The WFAA news report shares the draft release, which was never distributed and includes a quote from the mayor clearing the city manager. It said the council “finds the Executive Staff of the city to be beyond reproach.”  The Suburban Newspaper contacted Mayor Harold Magill for a quote concerning the drafted press release.  Mayor Magill told The Suburban Newspaper  “I have not spoken to Bob Hager and Mr. Hager never returned phone calls or emails concerning the press release”.   Mayor Magill also stated “I have caught him in several lies concerning this situation. It is unreal what this man will do”   The Suburban Newspaper contacted Duncanville city council member Patrick Harvey (also the Finance Director of Seagoville) for a response concerning the activity of our city attorney in Seagoville.  Patrick Harvey stated “no comment at this time due to the ongoing investigation”.
Now onto City of Duncanville!!!   Patrick Harvey, Stan Smith, Cliff Boyd, and Mark Cooks all voted to retain Bob Hager as our city attorney during the September 17, 2013 city council meeting.   The minutes from the meeting indicate that corrections had to be made to the contract including removing “Ellis County” from the contract and adding “Dallas County”.   Bob Hager has provided the city council flawed contracts since that September Meeting.   During the November 19, 2013 city council meeting the council spent half an hour correcting the contracts that were provided by City Attorney Bob Hager for the Hotel/Motel Tax Grants.  The contracts did not reflect the approved applications, were riddled with typos and contained clauses that were not in the best interest of the city.  During the meeting council member Mark Cooks exclaimed “Who wrote these?!”  Corrections included language that allowed the city to recapture money if the terms of the contract were not met and requiring granted money to be spent only according to the application approved by the city council.
Recently Duncanville’s City Attorney, Bob Hager, filed a Declaratory Judgment and Petition For Mandamus in Dallas County against Duncanville Mayor Deborah Hodge.   This case was filed because Mayor Hodge’s opinion differed from Mr. Hager’s on the changes Harvey, Smith, Cooks, and Boyd wanted to make to the rules of procedure.  Bob Hager has had a long disagreement with Mayor Hodge concerning this issue.  The Suburban Newspaper  believes this law suit was filed at this time due to retaliation from Bob Hager.     The Mayor is up for re-election.
Now back to Seagoville…..WFAA reported on March 12, 2104 an update of the situation in Seagoville.   Brett Shipp  of WFAA , Channel 8, reported that “Just minutes after requesting a formal review of the city manager’s role in the scandal, Mayor Magill got a surprise:  A request from another City Council member seeking his personal e-mail and phone records.  Specifically, the request is for conversations and correspondence between the mayor and his supporters, who were seen demonstrating for greater transparency Monday night at a city Economic Development Corporation meeting.  The mayor suspects City Attorney Bob Hager is behind it.  “I expected it, yeah,” Magill said, “especially from the city attorney.  I’ve received several threatening comments from him. I think this is retaliation for speaking out.”
Does this sound familiar?  The voting bloc of Councilmembers (Boyd, Harvey, Cooks and Smith) voted to hire a special investigator at the February 18, 2014 meeting.   The investigation was initiated by a complaint filed by Councilmember Patrick Harvey.  Duncanville city attorney, Bob Hager, recommended Attorney Paul Coggins, of Locke Lord, LLP, to lead the investigation.    Retaliation???  There is no proof, but with the mayhem going on in Seagoville and Duncanville, one connection is clear….Bob Hager.   The citizens of Duncanville should be concerned with the relationship which Bob Hager has with our city and the city council members who voted once again to retain his services.  What has Bob Hager been asked to cover up in the City of Duncanville and by whom?