CHISD Starts First Phase of Bond Work

A helicopter lifts an old air conditioning unit from the roof of Permenter Middle School

CEDAR HILL, TX – On June 11, 2013, CHISD started work on the $45 million bond program that voters approved last year.  The first phase of renovation and construction work started the first day of summer vacation and will involve $11 million in bond work during the summer.
On Wednesday, June 12, 2013, the contractor used a helicopter to remove 146 air-conditioning units off the roofs of High Pointe Elementary School and Permenter Middle School.
“Using a helicopter is a quicker and cost effective way to remove that many units,” said CHISD Director of Maintenance Regi Brackin.  “We are on a tight deadline to get a certain amount of work done during the summer.  It would have taken five days and cost about the same amount of money to remove the units using a crane; this way we can get it done in one day.” New energy-efficient air-conditioner units will replace the old units.  The two schools will also get new roofs.

In addition, Permenter will get renovations with High Pointe getting an energy-management system, drainage improvements, and parking lot replacement.

Other bond projects slated to be completed this summer include:
· Updating the district phone system, networking system, and universal power supply.
· West Intermediate School will get renovations, roof replacement, an energy-management system and new HVAC units.
· Waterford Oaks Elementary will get exterior lighting and upgraded plumbing in the kitchen.

A bond oversight committee is working to review the development of bond projects and expenditures and to keep the process transparent.  Bond work is expected to continue through December 2015.  All schools will receive improvements.

The helicopter started removing air-conditioner units at 8:00 a.m, and took about six hour to complete its task.