Central Volunteer Helps Keep Students Safe

leeDUNCANVILLE, TX – At the beginning of this school year, Central Elementary principal Sherri Smith noticed a safety concern for her students as they walked home from school each day. A crossing guard was not provided by the city for the teacher entrance to the school, because it is considered school district property. Ms. Smith asked Central parent and eight-year volunteer Laymonde Lee if he would help students safely cross the roadway at this location. “He has volunteered every afternoon this whole school year,” Ms. Smith said. “He comes over around 3:00 pm and stays until about 4:00 to make sure the kids cross safely.”
Mr. Lee’s commitment to the students and school, regardless of weather conditions, has made a positive impact on the students and staff. He says he enjoys volunteering, building relationships with the students, and helping the kids end their day on a positive note. “We don’t know what kind of environment most of the kids are going home to, so just to be here to give that one joke or make them smile is the reward in it all,” he said.
Mr. Lee is well-known to Central students and parents, and he’s a friendly and familiar face that Central walkers see each afternoon. “It means a lot to sacrifice your own personal time,” Ms. Smith said. “I want Mr. Lee to know we appreciate him!”