“Caution- Take A Chill Pill When Opening STAAR Results”

The high stakes test results are in. Parents and students are beginning to get results from the statewide test know as STAAR or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. If you are anxious about your child’s success on the test, you are not alone. If you have not logged into the online portal to sneak that long awaited peek, you can do so from the Texas Education Agency website. You will need an access code you receive from your school district. Once inside, take caution when reading the test scores. If you evaluate your child based upon test scores alone, over half of parents of school-age children might believe that their child will never graduate from high school. Overall performance fell short of hopeful expectations. Most students “approach” grade-level readiness.Approach means they would be satisfactory if only they had gotten one or two more answers correct. Masters, meets, approaches, and satisfactory, these are the four categories in which you may find your child slotted. We think these are poor one-word substitutes to describe our children and their educational experience. Parents fret not. Try not to get worked into a tizzy. The STAAR test is intentionally tough, the truth is that a test does not measure lifelong success. Get detailed information on your child’s performance at https://txparentportal.emetric.net/login