“Cast your Vote for the Right Candidate this Election Season… ”

In the next few weeks, citizens in our area will be putting in their applications for city council and school board positions that will be filled in May. With that in mind, here are some tips to prepare for the upcoming local Election Day. It is a good idea to start doing your research now!!!

Solidify your stance. The first step to casting your vote is deciding how you feel about key issues and candidates. Usually voters stand with politicians who have like-minded goals and ideas. Make a list of the issues that you find most important and want addressed in this election, then research the stance each candidate takes on the issues that most resonate with you.

Research the candidates. Conduct some preliminary research into each candidate running for office. Chances are their websites provide background information regarding their qualifications as well as their stances on certain issues. Such information can save you the time and effort of looking into candidates on your own. Remember to delve further when needed to see if the facts they present are correct. Examine public records for policies candidates supported to confirm if their ideals are similar to your own.

Attend a City Council or School Board meeting. Many local candidates already hold the position that they are running for. This is a great chance to assess a candidate, and provides voters the opportunity to see how the candidate is already performing, their stance about the issues that may concern you and how they present themselves in general. Attend your local candidate forums! This gives you the opportunity to see how a particular candidate presents themselves and once again their stance on certain issues.

Stick to the issues. The best candidate is not necessarily the one with the biggest campaign war chest or the loudest voice. Resist the temptation to be swayed by the flashiest signs or the best slogan. Pay more attention to the candidates’ answers on tough questions.