Block of Four Finances Friends

DUNCANVILLE, TX – How Much Does it Cost to Buy the Duncanville Economic Development Board? Apparently just $4000!!
The first meeting out of the gate the block of 4 showed a stunning exhibition of cronyism. The newly self-appointed Duncanville Community Economic Development Corporation approved a grant of $9,341 for a building owned by Dalton Lott, a $4,550 paint grant that benefits Stan Smith’s employer and directed the attorney working on the Main Station Partnership litigation to cease any work on the pending lawsuit.
Dalton Lott and his wife contributed $2000 to Stan Smith’s election campaign. Mr. Lott also contributed $1000 to Cliff Boyd’s campaign and $1000 to Patrick Harvey’s campaign.
The block of four Councilman, Boyd, Smith, Harvey, and Cooks recently removed all members of the DCEDC and replaced these former board members with themselves.
The DCEDC is a tax funded Corporation that is tasked to reinvest the tax revenue for the benefit of the city’s economic development and enhance quality of life.
The lawsuit that the current DCEDC voted to stay was filed suit against MARA, Inc. It is owned and operated by Monte Anderson, a beneficiary of this illegal contract. This partnership contract is prohibited by Texas Law. The former DCEDC sought a declaratory judgment that the Main Station Partnership Agreement is void ab initio (from the beginning). It cited Section 501.160 of the Texas Local Government Code which prohibits an economic development corporation from owning or operating a project “as a business other than a lessor, seller, or lender.” Undisputedly, the DCEDC is not “a lessor, seller, or lender” of Main Station. Or in the alternative, they sought a judgment that the contract was materially breached by MARA, Inc. and was asking for control of Main Station and the Main Station assets or the return of DCEDC’s investment.
DCEDC invested $940,093 of public tax dollars to the Partnership. They received 32% interest in Main Station. Monte and Rosa Anderson received 67% provided they secure a $2 million construction loan (which they used Main Station as collateral). MARA, Inc., the managing partner, received 1% for only a nominal one dollar ($1) investment.