“Back to School Challenges…”

by Becky Hall

When I was a child, I dreaded the holiday “Labor Day.” Why? Because that was the end of the summer for me and school would be starting soon. On August 24, 2015 school will start in most of the local districts. Teachers will be in staff development starting August 17, 2015

Families settle back into routines after scattering for the summer, but the start of the new school year also provides a time when parents can encourage their child. When I was working at the GCCISD, I would tell my parents that each child needed their encouragement. They need you to show them you care about them and what they’re doing, both in school as well as their extracurricular activities.

I challenge each parent with students in our local districts to participate in your students learning, attend an open house, attend your child’s ‘Meet Your Teacher’ night, attend board meetings, watch them practice their sport, listen to them practice their musical instrument and, especially, listen to them when they talk about their day. Make them tell you about it. Every evening we make a point to eat dinner with our grandchild and ask “what did you learn today?” “What happened at school today”? I know from experience that children who have families that are involved in their child’s education have fewer behavior problems and perform academically higher. SO BE INVOLVED!!!

I also want to challenge the community. The administrators who run schools and the teachers who teach in them should be held accountable for their results, but so should our communities. Communities who strongly support their public schools, and expect a lot from them, usually get it. Public schools are the center of our communities, and it’s time for there to be more community involvement!!