“As The New Year Begins…”

Becoming a better person does not take vast riches or even substantial change. Easy, daily practices can transform individual’s lives and the lives of those around them for the better. And when one person performs a good deed, there is a greater chance that others who have witnessed that deed will be inspired to do good as well. As a new year dawns, men and women can take the following steps to become better people. Below is Three (3) Items we should all try and do this next year!

Smile more. People today spend much of their time with their heads down reading phones and tablets. Conversations have become stilted, and there may be fewer opportunities to engage new people in meaningful conversations. Looking up and smiling at others even complete strangers can brighten someone else’s day and may just lay the foundation for new friendships.

Do for others when you can. Think about how you can help others in your daily life. Would a friend appreciate your picking up his or her kids from school? Can you grab a few essentials from the store for an elderly neighbor? What if you helped a stranger find his destination after getting lost? Simple gestures can have a substantial impact.

Shop locally as much as possible. Local shops are often owned by local citizens and staffed with local workers. Shopping in such stores helps employ people in your community, improving your town as a result.

The staff at the Suburban Newspaper wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!