AMICA Christmas Meeting

imageDUNCANVILLE, TX – The Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors’ Association (AMICA) held their December Meeting at the Olden Year Musical Museum located at 1050 North Duncanville Road, Duncanville, Texas, and were given a VIP tour by the museum’s curator, Rick Wilkins. The meeting was hosted by the chapter secretary Janet Tonnesen. Homer DeFord, Sr., is the creator of the museum and has collected many exquisite musical antiques over several decades.
The collectors were mesmerized by the vast array of musical antiques on display. There are hundreds of unique musical machines including music boxes, phonographs, nickelodeon, self playing violins with piano instruments, and very large pipe organs—one being of special interest, the magnificent Aolean Orchestrelle also known as the Mark Twain organ. All musical instrument machines are carefully restored and in working condition. Also on display is the late Mrs. Dorothy DeFord’s fine doll collection with over three dozen beautiful vintage dolls reminiscent of the First Ladies and other famous personalities.
The museum’s Kinetoscope Theater features a very informative orientation movie having Thomas A. Edison depicting many of his inventions and covering other artifacts. Edison had over one thousand patents to his credit and a very large percentage of the items on display in the museum are the result of his ingenious inventions. His most famous inventions are the electric light bulb, the phonograph, and an original storage battery. No other inventor has so revolutionized the world and he is considered by many as the most prolific and important inventor of all time.
The museum is still under construction and is scheduled to open sometime in the spring of next year and the grand opening will be announced in The Duncanville Suburban.